Rapid Review Response Unit (RRRUn)

The aim of the Rapid Review Response Unit (RRRUn) of the department Population Medicine and Health Services Research (AG 2) (School of Public Health, Bielefeld University) is to systematically generate and process available evidence on health determinants and risks as well as population-based interventions to support evidence-informed decisions in health care. To assemble knowledge on relevant topics, RRRUn produces reviews of quantitative and/or qualitative studies using systematic methods of evidence-based medicine and Public Health. The RRRUn cooperates with various partners from science and research, including the Competence Network Public Health COVID-19, the Section Health Equity Studies & Migration of the Heidelberg University Hospital, and the Robert Koch-Institute, as well as institutions of the public health service at the state and municipal level within the network OEGD-FORTE. International partners include UN organizations and scientific networks (e.g. Lancet Migration Regional Hub Europe).